PHALANX is a publishing house, established 21st of April, 2009.

Our goal is to publish beautiful, challenging games, with untrite theme.

* * *

PHALANX GAMES POLSKA LOGO vsmallIn 2009 – 2012 we cooperated with Phalanx Games b.v. from the Netherlands.

NOWE LOGO PGP pion smallIn 2013 we decided to change our logo and start to work completly on our own, as Phalanx Games b.v. ended its business.

In 2011 we won Polish Game of the Year 2011 title with the Boże Igrzysko game, a redesign of Martin Wallace God’s Playground game.

We cooperate with the biggest partners in the boardgames industry, like KOSMOS Verlag and Mayfair Games, Inc.